Magnapower metal separators save energy & cost in the fight against climate change

14th October 2020

Magnapower contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions with their low energy range of metal separators to help with the fight against climate change.

The world is increasingly waking up to that fact that there is a finite level of resources and human activity damaging the long term health of the planet.

In 2016 the United Nations made the Paris Agreement which aims to tackle impending climate change by reducing CO2 emissions by 20% and in May 2019 the UK government approved a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency.

MP’s are calling on the Government to make changes that include setting a new target of reaching net zero emissions before 2050 – the current target is to reduce carbon emissions by 80%*

*Source BBC News

At Magnapower we have always had a commitment to provide each customer with a separation solution that has maximum separation performance, is efficient, cost effective and reliable.

Over recent years we have made it a high priority to commit time & resources into producing energy saving equipment which will have a direct impact on the electrical power consumption for each Waste Recycling Plant using our equipment.

Based on evidence & comparative data, we now have enough to explain the financial cost & CO2 savings by using Magnapower’s low energy range of metal separators.

We’ve taken a few examples below which show the savings we can make against either typical competitor units or new designs of permanent magnet separators where previously only electro magnets would have been considered:

The annual financial cost savings are calculated based on UK business electricity unit price in 2020 being approximately 14 pence per kWh*


PowerFrag drum magnet with feeder - aids reduction of CO2 emissions

PowerFrag Drum

This separator replaces the standard electro magnet Frag Drum used extensively throughout the world in scrap metal processing plants. Zero electrical power is required to power this magnet system. It combines the mechanical features and strengths of the standard electro Frag Drum but with a stronger magnetic intensity and more alternating poles to release more non-ferrous metals and provide a cleaner ferrous fraction.

A recent unit supplied to New Zealand saves 15,000kWh compared to the equivalent electro magnet drum. This would save you approx £2100 per annum should your plant run just 40hrs a week!

Mobile Eddy Current Separator fitted with out feed conveyors - aids reduction of CO2 emissions

Eddy Current Separator

The rotor and belt motor are carefully specified so that Magnapower units typically consume less than half the electrical power of most competitor units.

Based on an industry average rotor & belt motor, a 1200mm wide Magnapower Eddy Current Separator running for 80 hour per week will save you over £2500 per year!

"Dave's Magnet" - Air cooled electro magnet aids reduction of CO2 emissions

Air-cooled Electro Magnet Overband

Magnapower manufacture a full range of electro magnet overband separators. They provide excellent levels of ferrous separation and are used in virtually all types of material handling and recycling industries. The main reasons for using an electromagnet system over a permanent would be either for a high working gap (usually above 400mm) or if the magnet needs to be switched off occasionally.

We’ve recently supplied an air-cooled magnet system to replace a previous oil cooled system which straight away saves 2kwh. This magnet runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week = 16,800kWh per year with approx £2350 saving!

In-line overband for recovery of steel from shredded mattresses - aids reduction CO2 emissions

Permanent Overband Magnet

The Magnapower range of deep field permanent magnet overbands have a significant cost saving for applications where electro magnets used to be required.

So much so that we have recently supplied a permanent magnet to replace a competitor’s 13.5kwh electro magnet with equivalent performance at a revised position, saving the customer 27,000kWh per year which equates to almost £4,000 per year!

So what are our CO2 emission savings?

The financial benefit is important but the CO2 savings that we all can make are vital to reduce climate change. The table below shows the savings that just these 4 individual machines will make.  Figures from the latest 2019 data show that approximately 0.256kg of CO2 is produced per kWh of electricity.

DescriptionEnergy savinghours/daydays/weekweeks/yearTotal saving£/kWhAnnual saving CO2 saving
Air cooled Overband22475016,800£0.14£2,3524,301
Permanent Overband Magnet13.5855027,000£0.14£3,7806,912

No compromise on performance!

We fully recognise that separation efficiency is absolutely paramount for this equipment and in the industries in which it used. All of these cost and energy savings are made without reducing separation efficiency.

A combined effort

We all now realise that a combined effort is required to reduce climate change. We know that if one individual recycles it makes little or no difference but if everyone recycles it can make a world of difference. The same applies to energy usage and significant reductions in global energy consumption can be achieved by using energy efficient equipment.

“We’re facing the biggest environmental challenge our species has ever seen. No matter what we’re passionate about, something we care about will be affected by climate change.

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