Dry Recyclable Separation

We recognise the need for product quality and purity. We focus our experience and knowledge of this application to provide separation equipment which leads the industry.

Dry Recyclables usually include empty household waste material such as:

  • Food and drink cans
  • Plastic bottles and containers
  • Paper and card

We manufacture a comprehensive range of equipment for this industry including:

A separation process will tend to include:

  • Metering of product to separation line at a consistent rate
  • Separation of paper and card – often referred to as 2D
  • Hand picking to remove contaminants / open bags
  • Separation of ferrous metal – usually with an overband magnet
  • Separation of remaining ferrous – usually with magnetic head pulley
  • Separation of non-ferrous metals – usually with an eddy current separator
  • The remaining material should be just plastics
  • Quality control and baling of these materials can then follow