Electro Magnet Overbands

Magnapower manufacture a full range of Electro Magnet Overband separators. They provide excellent levels of ferrous separation and are used in virtually all material handling and recycling industries.

They have a high powered deep magnetic field and are built using a heavy-duty construction with wear resistant parts throughout.

Magnapower’s fast response, expertise and service is there for you.

The electro magnet overband can be positioned either as a crossbelt or in-line separators.

Electromagnet overband for ferrous separation


Material on the conveyor passes underneath the overband magnet. Ferrous metal is attracted to its surface allowing the ‘cleaned’ product to continue along the conveyor as normal.

The continuously moving belt of the overband carries the ferrous metal over the side or past the conveyor where it drops out of the magnetic field.

The material under the conveyor needs to be from non-magnetic material to prevent magnetisation.

The main reasons for using an electromagnet system over a permanent would be either for a high working gap (usually above 400mm) or if the magnet needs to be switched off occasionally.

Most electromagnet systems use an aluminium conductor and can be either oil cooled (to reduce quantity of aluminium in windings) or air cooled.

The electromagnet requires a transformer rectifier supplied with it to provide the DC supply to the magnet coil. Transformers should be located close to the overband magnet to limit the length of DC supply cable.

Please contact us for more details about the best position for an overband magnet and also the most suitable magnet system for your plant.

Magnet Systems

We offer a comprehensive range of permanent and electro magnet systems and will recommend which is best for your application

Permanent Deep Field Ferrite – standard for most applications – either single pole or double pole

Permanent Rare Earth – ideal for lighter weight, heavy duty, high performance units

Electro – for high working gaps (above 400mm) or where on/off function is required

Electro overband for ferrous separation in C&D waste plant


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Electro overband