About Us

We are a customer focused business and dedicate our metal separation expertise to providing the right solution every time.

Metal recovery efficiency is always paramount in our machine selection and this is combined with a heavy duty product range to match the demands of a tough industry.

Efficient response times are a key demand in this industry – from enquiry to manufacture to product support. Please contact us and see how we always work to meet your demands.

Our company formed in 1992 and focused its attention on the metal separation requirements of a number of industries including scrap metal processing, recycling and waste management, food and mineral processing. In 2004 we incorporated the established business Hi-Flux Magnets Ltd.

Drum Magnet taken from Hi-Flux archives
Drum Magnet taken from Hi-Flux archives
Modern day Drum Magnet at Magnapower
Modern day Drum Magnet at Magnapower

We still dedicate our business to the same industries we always have. We insist on constant enhancements and additions to our product range so that our customers can improve their metal recovery rates and produce a cleaner and more valuable end product.

We continue to be at the forefront of worldwide metal separation technology!

Reference List

We have a comprehensive reference list of high performance eddy current separators and plant installations from leading UK and international companies who have recommended our equipment and services. This is further evidence of our continued commitment to a partnership between our customers and our team of engineers. Repeat business accounts for the majority of our sales.

High Performance Magnetic Separation Equipment Design

Magnapower are at the forefront of metal separation technology and our experience in the design, manufacture and application of magnetic equipment has given us the leading edge in metal separation technology. All our machinery has been designed, tested and proven in the most arduous conditions. We work in conjunction with our customers to ensure that the highest level of clean metal recovery (both ferrous metals and non ferrous metals) is achieved.

Precise Magnet & Equipment Selection

We work closely with each customer to be certain that they get the best magnetic separator to suit their requirements. This involves careful consideration of material, throughput and working conditions. Our comprehensive application knowledge will ensure that the right machine and ancillary equipment is offered for optimum metal separation and recovery.

Customer Service Guarantee

Magnapower offer as a minimum a 12 month guarantee with each machine and excellent service and back up are provided as standard. Under normal working conditions there is very little call for our assistance. However, if on occasion our assistance is required, we pride ourselves on being able to offer complete technical engineering support and back up.