Just how long should an Eddy Current Separator last?

12th July 2023

Magnapower Eddy Current Separator at Bodmin MRF

We have recently received reports that a Magnapower Eddy Current Separator unit which was first commissioned twenty years ago by us at Bodmin MRF is working well without disruption. Following regular service and maintenance, the machines have continued to recover UBC from dry mixed recyclables at high performance levels for two decades for Cornwall Council. 

Although the plant in which the machine is situated is now being upgraded. The long-serving ECS is set to be repurposed and used for another application. The current plant operators are very pleased with the performance, reliability and longevity of the previous machine and so have returned to Magnapower to order 2 new Eddy Current Separators (ECS1500 & ECS1000) for the upgraded plant at Bodmin MRF.  

With customers returning like this, it’s testimony to our commitment to provide high performance, reliability and service. We pride ourselves on providing exemplary after sales service, with a full range of parts and our experienced service engineers available for maintenance and on-site back-up. 

Find out more about the upgrade to the Bodmin MRF site upgrade here: Suez makes changes to Cornish transfer stations  – letsrecycle.com 

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