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Inline Overband Magnets

The Magnapower range of In-line Overband Magnets provide excellent levels of ferrous separation. They have the significant advantage of improved ferrous separation and reduced belt wear.

They have a high powered deep magnetic field and are built using a heavy-duty construction with wear resistant parts throughout.

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Inline overband magnet in operation


Material on the conveyor passes underneath the overband magnet. Ferrous metal is attracted to its surface allowing the ‘cleaned’ product drop away from the conveyor as normal.

The continuously moving belt of the overband carries the ferrous metal further forward where it then drops out of the magnetic field.

The material under the overband (e.g. the conveyor head pulley or vibratory feeder) needs to be from non-magnetic material to prevent magnetisation.

There are a number of advantages to installing the overband in the in-line rather than crossbelt position such as:

Please contact us for more details about the best position for an overband magnet in your plant.