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Superfines Eddy Current

The Superfines is a higher intensity & higher frequency Eddy Current Separator.

The added performance makes this unit suitable for material down to 1-2mm.

The Magnapower Superfines ECS has all the features of the standard Magnapower Eddy Current Separator including

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Superfines Eddy Current Render

We also have a full testing facility to confirm your performance prior to purchase [1].


ECS Superfines Schematic

A high frequency high intensity magnetic rotor inside the head drum of the ECS conveyor induces a magnetic field into non-ferrous metals on the belt surface. These magnetically induced metals react with the magnetic field of the rotor which causes them to be propelled forward further than the other material on the belt. The performance is determined by a combination of flux density and frequency – to find out why the Magnapower ECS is an industry leader then please ask.

It is important to point out that accurate sizing of material is especially important when sorting fines material. Please contact us for a more detailed explanation about this.