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Suspension Magnets

The Magnapower range of Suspension Magnets are designed and manufactured to provide the highest possible ferrous metal recovery rates. They have heavy duty parts and construction and are built to an industry setting standard. They are renowned for high performance and reliability.

C72 B.M 1

We have a strong commitment to providing separators which are the leading performers in the separation industry. Our equipment is also designed and built to be reliable and durable even in the toughest environments.

A suspension magnet tends to be used above conveyors or chutes where there are only low levels of ferrous metal. They extract ferrous metal to the magnet surface where it will need to be removed manually.

Our separators provide:

We offer a wide range of permanent and electro magnet systems and will discuss which is best for your application.


Suspension Magnets can be installed in one of two positions and we will help to you to determine which is best for your plant layout and separation requirements.

Cross-belt Suspension Magnet

Suspension Magnet Cross Material

In-line Suspension Magnet

Suspension Magnet Inline Material

Material on the conveyor passes underneath the suspension magnet. Ferrous metal is attracted to its surface allowing the ‘cleaned’ product to continue along the conveyor as normal. The ferrous metal can then be removed manually when necessary or convenient to do so. Please note that full lock off procedure is required during this process. If a self cleaning magnet is required then we can provide an overband magnet [1] instead of the suspension magnet.