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Magnetic Head Pulley

The Magnapower magnetic head pulley is widely used in the recycling and material handling industries for the continuous removal of ferrous metal. We are committed to providing a high performance unit which is durable and reliable and provides maximum magnetic separation efficiency.

Our magnetic head pulleys give maximum separation performance and are built to your size requirements. They can be for new conveyors or to replace a standard head pulley in an existing conveyor. Please let us know your pulley size (diameter and width) for a quick proposal.

We can also design and build the conveyor with the magnetic head pulley if required.

Magnetic Head Pulley

Our separators provide:


Pulley schematic

Material is carried along the conveyor in the normal way. The magnetic head pulley holds ferrous metal to its surface of the belt allowing the cleaned product to follow its normal trajectory. Ferrous metal is held to the belt surface and carried round and under the pulley where it can then discharge when outside the magnetic field.