Brexit – How can Magnapower help?

26th January 2021

What does Brexit mean?

On 31st December 2020, the UK & European Union finally agreed on a Brexit deal that would outline their future trading relationship.

It was agreed that there would be no tariffs on each others goods when they cross borders & there would be no limit on what could be traded.

However, traders in the UK now need to make customs declarations as if they were dealing with countries outside the European Union.

This requires additional documentation so that exports run smoothly.

3 completed Eddy Current Separators (ECS1200) loaded & on their way to our customer for aluminium & non-ferrous metal recycling

How can we help?

In order for us to arrange smooth export of your goods, all we need from you is your VAT & EU EORI numbers.

Most of our goods are shipped under INCO terms DAP (Delivered At Place). This means we will arrange documentation, loading & transport of the goods to your specified destination.

Due to the system changes, there may be some short term delays in shipment. We expect that this will be resolved quickly & we aim to incorporate any of these possible delays into our production & delivery schedule.

Magnapower are also absorbing any UK documentation charges so that this will not affect our export prices.

We understand that Brexit has caused concerns in the UK & the EU.

Our aim is to ensure that we allow for continuous & uninterrupted business with all of our customers regardless of government changes.

Click here to find out more about Brexit & the changes it will bring between the UK & Europe.